Marc Angelo Tops Steve Ellis

May 20, 2014 | Posted in Bear Films | By

When we got a call from Steve Ellis a few weeks ago asking when our next shoot was, our hearts leapt in our chest and everyone at BearFilms sprouted a big, collective woody. It seems like ages since we last filmed Steve and we were so excited to get the Big Red Bear in front of the camera. He asked if we could get a shot at Marc Angelo, since we’ve featured the big Daddy on BearFilms frequently this year and Steve gets a raging hard-on every time Daddy Marc is featured in an update.

Steve Ellis and Marc AngeloSteve Ellis and Marc Angelo

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Rusty G Shows What Raw Viking Sex Looks Like

May 15, 2014 | Posted in Hairy and Raw | By

Rusty G proved to be the insatiable beast during our last weekend shoot in Dallas. Built like a bull — or some kind of Viking Fire Giant — he laid waste to our talent in Big D.

Rusty G and Runner HayesRusty G and Runner Hayes

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Scott Irish and Troy Webb return to Hairy and Raw

April 22, 2014 | Posted in Hairy and Raw | By

Scott Irish and Troy Webb are making their return to the site after seemingly forever, and we were thrilled to get them together during our recent trip to Dallas. Troy is hulking, hairy and hung, and he loves to feel a cock in his ass as much as he loves ramming his sperm-lubed shaft up another dude’s hairy hole. Scott’s no slouch either, covered with a road map of tattoos and an intimidatingly hefty musculature.

Scott Irish and Troy Webb return to Hairy and Raw - ManSquirtScott Irish and Troy Webb return to Hairy and Raw - ManSquirt

Neither cared much about foreplay, and they were quickly shirtless, then naked on the couch, jerking each other’s cocks and roughly kissing, beard-on-beard.

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