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Raw Daddy Loads

Raw Daddy Loads Part 2

Kid has just finished dumping a load into Dusty’s ass. He texted his Daddy, Jake Wetmore, to come over and finish off this boy’s ass with a raw daddy load of his own. Jake shows up and uses his hot piss to clean off that cum filled ass. As Jake starts to fuck Dusty, the cum from Kid’s load oozes from Dusty’s hole. When Jake announces that he’s gonna blow his load, he starts cumming and Dusty starts to shoot too. They both shoot big wads of cum. Jake shoves the last bit of his cum inside Dusty’s ass. Kid get’s down and eats the load from Dusty’s boy butt. Watching his Daddy fuck Dusty was enough to coax another load from Kid’s dick. He too busts a nut all over Dusty’s sweet pink hole. Dusty tells the guys he needs to piss. They all head over to the tub and Kid jumps in. Both Jake and Dusty flood Kid’s mouth was salty man piss.


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