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Hairy and Hard

Hairy and Hard Locker Room Fuck

It might seem like a small locker room, but it’s designed just that way, so these sweaty gym goers have to squeeze past, or barge past (whichever their preference) each other to get to their gear. Dark haired superstar Alessandro Del Toro gets right in the way of tall dark Brit Craig Daniel but there’s no ill feeling there, only a dick or two worth sucking! Craig’s own huge dick is swiftly thrust down Ale’s throat, his full black beard brushing against Craig’s sweaty balls and fuzzy abs. Our tattooed top can’t get enough of Craig, as he eats out that ass deep and hard, fingering it fully before once more pulling those cheeks apart and getting his face right inside his fuzzy crack! Craig spins around, back on the bench and lets Ale have his way, pushing his hairy and hard dick deep into Craig’s butt, wet from the spit and tongue worshipping it just received. Pushed against the wall for one final fuck, Ale shows Craig who’s boss and leaves the locker room stinking of sweat and spunk, just how they all should!

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