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Furry Pig

Tattooed Bo Bangor Fucks Furry Pig Sean Travis

Our favorite tattooed burly bugger is back for some heavy weight dick and bum fun. Bo Bangor gets to grips with furry pig Sean Travis and these horny, cum-hungry lads are revved up for man-on-man action. Big guys, big, stiff dicks, hard, muscular bear bodies and big appetites for eating ass, sucking cock and ramming hard, veiny flesh up tight, masculine, musky fuck-holes.




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  • Butch Dixon offers burly models, hot, rough fuck scenes, and excellent video and image production updated once weekly.
  • Rugged, masculine, muscled, and hairy men.
  • Men who seem to know they are a unique bunch and are very much at home worshiping each others’ hairy chests and armpits, gobbling uncut cocks, or pulling off a big load for the camera.
  • The men have sex in varied scenarios featuring wrestling, police, hard hat, and prison sex. Most of the fuck scenes are very hot.

Butch Dixon

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