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Furry Daddy

Furry Daddy Allen Silver and Ale Tedesco Flip Flop Fuck

Sex doesn’t always come easy, even when you’re as easy on the eyes as furry daddy Allen Silver. Sometimes, you gotta work at it a bit – target your prey, watch him, get to know his habits. Then, when you know him better than he knows himself, you strike. And there’s no way he’s gonna get away. That’s what Allen does when he sets his sights on hot Ale Tedesco. He watches, waits and then these two fuck with a level of aggression that will make your head spin.


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Hot Older Male features:

  • Hot hairy men over 40 and their admirers.
  • Muscular, masculine men having sex with each other.
  • Sexy daddies fucking, sucking, rimming, and cumming.

Hot Older Male

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