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Burly Bear

Burly Bear Alessandro Del Torro and Seb Evans

A hairy, burly bear (stunning Alessandro Del Torro) pitted against an over sexed, handsome, slutty, red head bottom – Seb Evans for a ‘first time barebackers’ spunky fuck-a-thon. You know this is going to be a nasty sweaty passionate, sucking, rimming and fucking session. Alessandro hasn’t trimmed or shaved anything, from his hairy hole to his pits and pubes this masculine guy is as nature intended right down to lengthy, uncut cock. Seb Evans is a total sub who takes that fat, raw length bravely, even as he’s begging Alessandro to stop, because ”its too big” the little cum slut is pushing back for more bareback cock ( this little cum whore just luvs to feel those loaded balls slapping his tight, willing ass). Alessandro rewards him with a few hot squirts of sperm on his ass before emptying the rest up his ass and Seb’s fountain of cum is a true show of his appreciation.



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Butch Dixon

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